The Little Things that Matter 

I remember the very first time I saw a creative miracle. I had goose bumps all over my body, my jaw dropped and a stream of tears ran down my face as I watched the astonishing power of God at work. It was a middle aged man that came to the altar leaping. It was visible that the length of his legs were unequal. The shorter leg was well above the ankle of the longer leg. So the man of God asked that he sat on a chair and stretched his legs like it was being suspended by a stool. I paid close attention to this. I mean I’ve heard of crazy miracles but I was about to see one with my bare eyes. The man of God commanded the legs to “Grow!!” And before my very eyes. The shorter leg began to stretch out. The entire church was screaming. It was so unusual. I mean we’ve seen blind eyes open and deaf ears hear but this one was mind blowing. What about the time a stammerer started speaking fluently or when withered hands grew, dead jerked back to life or even when chronic and contagious diseases got destroyed. The very first time I encountered each of these, I just stood there in awe, worshipping this great God. Somehow, it expanded my faith and caused me to be more grateful. 

So, I got thinking. Does God actually work miracles, some big and some small?. Must we wait for the “big” miracles before worshipping God? Most times, a lot of Christians fail to recognize the so called “little things” and chase after big miracles. Someone got healed of cancer and another’s headache disappeared -they are both miracles and God should be praised. No miracle is insignificant compared to another. Like the miracle of life for instance. I’m sure you think sleeping and not dying in your sleep is normal. 

Look what the psalmist says:

“I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the Lord sustains me” Psalm 3:5 NIV 

So you see that it’s because God preserves you, that you wake up every day. But how often are we thankful for life? Do you know that the very first day you arrived on earth as a baby everyone that had anticipated you was excited and grateful that you made it. They were all thankful for life but as the years went by it diminished and that attitude of gratitude disappeared. If you are favored with a new car or job or house, you’re only grateful for a few days and then you find something new to worry about. Our lives shouldn’t be that way. The ultimate reason we were created is to worship God. Make Thanksgiving a habit. When you get up from bed say “Thank you Father for sustaining me till this morning”. Thank him for the food you eat, clothes you wear, the work you do daily because they are blessings. 

Remember the story of the 10 lepers Jesus healed, it shows that gratitude means something to God. Can you just thank God for shelter before asking him for rent? Or thank him for the opportunity to go to school before asking him for fees? Or for legs to trek before asking for a car? There’s always something to thank God for. Don’t get too carried away saying “Lord, I thank you for everything”. Be specific! Be sincere! Make conscious efforts to thank Him henceforth. Don’t wait till He does something everyone can see, the little things matter! God bless you! 


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