The Abundance Equation 

In economics, the deposit multiplier multiplies an initial deposit in order to create credit for commercial banks. I was studying for my exams when I started meditating on this 😄. So I went to the Scriptures to see if this is applicable in the kingdom and Voila! I did a little research and discovered that wherever there was a miracle of multiplication in the Bible, there was at least an initial deposit and/or a deposit multiplier. 

Let’s look at the “Jesus feeding multitudes” story first of all (4k and 5k) Mk 6:30, 8:1. There wasn’t enough food for everyone present. So Jesus asked his disciples “what do you have?” In order words, what can I multiply? Because in order for multiplication to take place and yield result, there must be an initial substance since 20million multiplied by zero will result to zero. So they found a young boy who had 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish (in the case of 5k) and they were able to get 7 loaves and few fish (in the case of 4k). Now when Jesus took their little from them, HE GAVE THANKS. and Ta Da! Their “little” multiplied and turned to abundance (a.k.a excess supply😄) because they did not just feed the multitude, but they had baskets of leftovers. From this story above, I would say that the product of Thanksgiving and Substance is what gives you abundance. Say T × S = ∞ (when S ≠ 0) :mrgreen: When you’re grateful to God for the little you have, he would multiply it and give you abundance.

When Elisha fed a hundred, it was the word of God that multiplied the little and caused it to be excess. (Please read 2 Kings 4:42-44). When you have a need, all you need is God’s word concerning that situation. It’s easy to know God’s mind concerning anything when you have consistent fellowship and communion with Him. So what you do when need arises is that you focus on the Word of God which is infallible. Elisha asked them to ACT just ACCORDING TO THE WORD he had received from God. The Word will provoke faith for that which seems little to multiply. Here, the Word of God is the deposit multiplier. The initial deposit is the little you have to offer.
Lastly, is the Parable of the Talents which is typical Matt 25:14-30. Three servants were given 5, 2, and 1 talents each according to their ability. For the purpose of this talk, lets use million naira😄. So, the servant who received 5million naira PUT HIS MONEY TO WORK. So did the servant who was given 2million naira and they both made 100% profit on their investment. But the servant with one million naira buried it in the ground not even in bank sef. Since the master said “Well then, you should have put my money on deposit with the bankers, so that when I returned I would have received it back with interest” Matthew 25:27 NIV. This last point is obvious. God will multiply the works of your hand not the confession of your mouth. So whenever you need a multiplication, put the little you have to work. Invest or sow your little in order to have much. Here, the initial deposit is the 5, 2 and 1 million naira and the deposit multiplier is the work done. I’ll say here that, abundance is a function of what you do with the little substance you have in your hand. A= F(s).

Note: This isn’t applicable to money/material things alone but whatever needs increase. It could be an idea for example. 

Well, hope I didn’t confuse you with my thoughts. 
God bless you. 😄


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